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The risk marketplace that enables you to outsource the risks you need, and rewards you for underwriting the ones you are comfortable with.

The Tokenised Mutual Model

Membership rights will be represented by tokens. Tokens can be used to purchase cover as well as participate in claims assessment, risk assessment and governance. All funds raised from token purchases belong to members.
Tokenisation of the mutual enables a scalable way to raise risk capital, with the model encouraging an inflow of funds only when required.
With all members of the mutual benefiting from the platform's success, aligned incentives will foster a community spirit rather than the existing adversarial and unbalanced relationship between individual and institution.
The token price is linked to the adoption and underlying performance of the mutual, rather than speculation.

We're Faktr.

The legacy financial system is slow, inefficient, and constrained by intermediaries. We’re on a mission to change that.
Faktr is an open-source software development organisation building tools, products, and services for the decentralized finance (DeFi) ecosystem.
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100m Total supply
55m FAKT tokens will be redeemed by user participation in the network
5m tokens are allocated for participants of the Faktr DAO to vote on
Faktr Token Uses

Only Faktr Mutual members can
purchase, hold and use FAKT.

  • 90% of FAKT used to purchase cover is burned.
  • 10% is retained by the Member and can be used as a deposit when submitting claims
  • 2
  • FAKT is the voting weight in governance.
  • Participating in voting earns FAKT.
  • Voting locks tokens from redemption & transfer for a period of time.
  • 3
  • FAKT can be staked to vote on claims.
  • Voting with the consensus earns FAKT.
  • Voting against the consensus locks the stake for longer time periods.
  • Vote fraudulently and the stake will be burned.
  • 4
  • FAKT can be staked against any smart contract to lower the price of cover.
  • When cover is purchased the staker earns FAKT.
  • Should a valid claim occur within 250 days some stake is burned.
  • Faktr.

    Dynamic Pricing and
    Capital Management

    Pricing is determined by real-time supply of capital and demand of insurance coverage for the products. The capital model ensures that valid claims will always be paid and that systematic risk is under control.
    Insuring with us

    The first choice for your medical
    indemnity insurance & protection

    Medical Students
    Even as a student, you may be surprised how many of your interactions could result in the need for medico-legal advice. The good news is free insurance protection is available.
    Even though you're now working in a hospital, the insurance from your employer can be limited and may not cover you in a range of difficult situations. Fortunately, FAKTR provides free insurance protection for interns.
    Doctors in Training
    Your skills and reputation are building, making it more important than ever to have insurance that protects and supports you. Despite being indemnified by your employer, this may not be all you need. Thankfully, protecting yourself costs less than you think.
    Practices & Healthcare Companies
    Medical services are often delivered via complex ownership and business structures which can lead to potential gaps in insurance protection.


    Open Market to Trade Risk: faktr.finance is a permissionless platform for whoever wants to purchase coverage. Capital providers can utilize Faktr to stake on specific insurance risks to obtain daily insurance premiums. Leverage staking is available for non-correlated insurance products.
    Capital Mining: Provide capital to back insurance risks in the capital pool, or purchase insurance coverage to obtain FAKT tokens. Faktr are minted and automatically awarded on every block.

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    About Medifakt

    Medifakt will use a combination of IoT + Blockchain + AI, the combination these technologies will enhance the security of the collected data through IoT devices and feeding them to a decentralized network built on Polkadot network. This will ensure the real world data collected through these medical devices will solve the transparency in healthcare costs in drug developemnt, payments and insurance premiums. Along with that medifakt will aim use advanced machine learning capabilities to support the patient healthcare outcomes and a more secured and compliant way.

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